I saw Charlotte’s advert in the Welland Valley Feeds magazine and as my horse hadn’t experienced any type of therapy before I thought I would treat him.  Connor is a 19 years young Irish Sports horse, standing at 16:3hh ( I have owned him for 10 years).  Charlotte was punctual and started with a full body assessment and highlighted muscle build up where his saddle lays.  She worked on this area with experience and confidence to elongate the muscles so relieving tension, she also gave me some massaging exercises to try on him.  Taking Charlotte’s advice I gently hacked him the next day and what a pleasant  surprise!, it felt like I had a new horse!  His hind quarters felt more supple and lighter and his paces freer, I was so pleased, excellent for Connor and an experience to watch by me.  I would unconditionally recommend Charlotte.


Julie Lee – Fleckney, Leicestershire

"Charlotte came to me, examined our two horses and diagnosed a slight problem in both;

I noted what she said & told her our equine chiropractor (who we rate very highly) was due out the following week. Charlotte massaged both horses and left stating she would do a follow up after the chiropractor had been. The chiropractor picked up on the points of concern that Charlotte had, so we felt really confident that as well as having a good chiropractor we had a knowledgeable equine sports massage therapist and have continued to use ever since.

I would thoroughly recommend Charlotte, she is very approachable, knowledgeable, punctual and will answer any query's you may have. Keep up the good work Charlotte, our horses need you".


Maz Hambidge

Charlotte Medcroft ESMT reg 2008

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